The following General Terms and Conditions (from now on “General Terms”), have been established by Spyridon Lampos, administrator of the website bearing the address “www.tudu.gr” (hereinafter called "tudu")and the following contact information (phone number: (+30) 6947490427, email: info@tudu.gr).

Tudu owns and legally operates and manages the online platform hosted on the website www.tudu.gr (hereinafter the "Website"), which (the platform) it makes available to its registered members for the supply and booking of services. In particular, the Businesses-Members providing services can project on Platform the services they provide, their availability, the time, the place, the way of providing them, etc., while the Users-Members are able to book through the Platform one or more services online (hereafter the "Online Booking Service" or the "Service") through any (mobile) telephone device, personal computer (PC) and generally any other electronic means.

The following General Terms determine the terms and conditions under which tudu offers both the Online Booking Service to its registered members, the navigation on the website and the use of the services provided to him without the member registration being needed (e.g. information services, advertising services, newsletter etc.) (hereafter the "other services"), and constitute the legally binding terms between tudu and its visitors/registered members related to the Online Booking Service and the other services provided by tudu through its website. These General Terms apply as defined above, whatever the electronic means that may be used by visitors and members for their access to the Service and the other services of www.tudu.gr.

By accessing and navigating the website by the visitor and/or by the registration of Users and Businesses as Members of the Online Booking Service of tudu, the reading, understanding and unconditional acceptance of the present General Terms (including the Privacy Policy and the Policy of Accepted Use) by the visitors, Users and Businesses, as these are legally represented, is confirmed.

If the visitor/User/Enterprise disagrees with any term and/or all of them, he is compelled not to use any of the tudu services provided on www.tudu.gr. Any use of these services or of some of them from the abovementioned persons implies the unconditional acceptance and compliance from their part with these General Terms, while each time they enter www.tudu.gr they reaffirm their agreement with tudu and the present General Terms.

Note that tudu may modify from time to time or replace the entire and/or part of these General Terms in its sole discretion and/or in cases the modification/replacement is required by law, without prior notice. These potential changes will be valid from the date of posting on the website. Ordinary visitors and registered Members will be notified about any modification of these General Terms, upon entering the site, so the continuation of navigation and/or use of services www.tudu.gr by those individuals implies the automatic and unconditional acceptance of the modified General Terms on their behalf. In case anyone does not agree with the amendments, he/she is compelled not to take any action or use of www.tudu.gr services; the Members have the possibility to request the deletion of their Account or of their email from the informative newsletters list, following the procedures described herein.

By using any service of tudu on the website, the Members/visitors agree that any claims against any third party or Member for any actions and/or omissions, is limited to those persons and no liability can be attributed to tudu for the actions/omissions of these persons.

The provisions of Law 2251/1994 on Consumer Protection, as amended and in force, apply to all transactions between customers and tudu.



Notwithstanding the terms and definitions given in these General Terms, apply the following definitions as well:

Representative Data: The personal data of the legal representative of the Business (name, surname, email address).

Company Data: The data that the Business declares during its registration to the Online Booking Service (name, trade name, activity, legal form, VAT, Tax), address (street name and number, Postal Code, Region, contact numbers).

User Data: The personal data that the User declares and grants to tudu during the new Member registration process (first and last name, valid email address, sex, region, age and date of birth or however these may be modified in the future) and, additionally, the data which tudu derives from the Facebook and Google page of the User in case the User opted for this registration process.

Management tool: The Account, Profile and services management system provided by tudu to Businesses upon registration.

Website: The website www.tudu.gr or any other website that will host its services in the future in the sole discretion of tudu.

Authorized User: The natural person that chooses the username and proceeds on behalf of the Member to the registration and/or use of the Service.

Visitor: Any natural person who navigates the website and/or makes use of the other services provided on the website by tudu for the use of which no Member registration is required.

Company: As Company is considered the legal person or professional who registers to the tudu’s Online Booking Service provided on the website and creates an Account at www.tudu.gr in order to display on the Platform the services provided in order for them to become subject of booking by the Users.

Member Account: The Account that is automatically opened by tudu upon completion of Membership registration to the Service and which is accessible to the Members through their passwords in order to manage their data.

Member: As Members are considered Users and Companies, as defined herein.

Legal Representative: The natural person who, according to the law or the statute of the Company, binds the Company/Professional in his/her transactions with third parties, including tudu.

Information: All information relating to both the Company and the services provided by the Company and displayed in the Company Profile, including User reviews, the policy of reservation and cancellation, payment methods, opening hours, prices, employees/partners etc. and which are accessible to the User via the Company Profile.

Company Profile: The page of the Company inside the website that displays information about the Company.

User Information: All information and data of the User recorded by tudu during his/her interaction with the Service on the Platform (including without limitation the information displayed in his/her Profile - favorites, appointments, recent visits, etc.), but also the other services including simple navigation on the website (including the online behavioral data of the user or data received about him/her from the Cookies which tudu is treating according to the Cookies policy.

Booking details: Name, Surname, service, reservation date, the user’s mobile phone and means of payment.

Partners: Agents, representatives, employees, customers, suppliers, third party providers, assistants, attorneys, and any physical and/or legal person acting in the name and on behalf of either tudu or the Members.

Service: The Online Booking Service of tudu provided on the website.

Services (Other): Any tudu’s service provided on the website (other than the Online Booking Service) to visitors and/or members of the Service, for the use of which the registration of such persons as Members is not necessary, including without limitation the update service, the Blog, the Advertising service, the service of subscription to newsletter, etc.

Services: The services as described in both the home page of the website in the category "services", and the Companies’ Profiles and which may occasionally be modified. For the purposes of the present, or when referring to a specific beauty service, it will mean the service provided to the User by the Company, to the reservation of which the User has proceeded via the Online Booking Service.

User: Is considered the natural person who registers with the Online Booking Service of tudu provided on the website and opens account at www.tudu.gr in order to use the Online Booking Service via the Platform of tudu to secure the beauty services provided by the Companies.

The Policy of Accepted Use and Privacy Policy, constitute an integral part of these General Terms and a unified body with them all.

The headings of the Articles of the General Terms are not restrictive concerning their interpretation.

Any reference or definition in words that are in the singular include the plural number of them.


  2. Purpose

The registration of both Companies and Users in the Online Booking Service is a prerequisite for the Enterprises on the one hand in order to build their Profile on the Platform and display the services offered as well as other relevant information related to them, while on the other hand users can make use of the Online Booking Service. Registration and membership is free, personal, non-transferable and non-assignable. Members bear the responsibility for data and information handed over and tudu is based solely on their statements regarding the data and their information. Tudu processes personal data that the Members provide upon registration as a Member according to the terms and provisions of these General Terms and tudu’s Privacy Policy.


  1. Membership Registration Process

2.1  User registration

Registration of the User as a Member of the Online Booking Service of tudu is necessary fot the User to make use of the service. The registration process is quick and simple: After the User chooses the service he/she wants and continues to the booking of it, the system will automatically guide him towards the New Member registration tab. Alternatively, the User is directed to the New member registration form by clicking on the “Enter” tab on the home page of the website. The New Member Registration can be done either through the personal page of the User at Facebook or at Google, or by filling the registration form.

For the registration the User is required to provide the following personal data: name and surname, valid e-mail address, sex, region, age and date of birth and to accept these General Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy of tudu.

For the registration via the page that may be held by the User on Facebook or on Google, tudu will retrieve from there (the social network) the name, surname, gender and email address, while it is not permitted to post messages on the User’s page on Facebook.

More information regarding the type, the purpose of the processing, the recipients of the data and the performance of the Members/Users’ rights regarding them is contained in the Privacy Policy of tudu.

By submitting the registration form, tudu will send an email to the e-mail address declared by the user in his/her registration request, which will ask him/her to confirm the registration. The registration of the User on the tudu Service is complete only with the confirmation of the registration in accordance with the instructions provided in the registration confirmation message.

Upon completion of the registration of the User in accordance with the above, tudu creates the User’s own Member Account and Profile (see Section III, 2.3 and 2.4).


2.2  Company Registration

The Registration of a Company in Online Booking Service of tudu is a prerequisite for using the service. The process is easy, quick and free. The Company should submit to tudu a registration form after having provided the following elements:

  • Business information (name, trade name, activity, legal form, VAT, Tax)
  • Legal address (street name and number, Postal Code, Region, contact numbers)
  • Legal representative’s information (name, surname, email address) as well as a password of choice.

By submitting the membership registration form an email will be sent by tudu to the email address declared by the Company, which will ask for confirmation of the registration of the Company. Registration of the Company is completed with the confirmation of the application as indicated above through its legal representative. If the Company does not proceed to the confirmation of the registration within 48 hours counting from the submission of the application, a spokesman of tudu will contact the Company via the contact details declared in the registration form, in order to accomplish on behalf of the Company the registration to the Online Booking Service in accordance with the above. By completing the registration, the Company can create its corporate profile and post on the Platform the services provided as well as information related to the Company and its services.


2.3  Member Account

Upon completion of the registration to the Online Booking Service, the User/Company acquire the status of Member. As Members they acquire an Account on tudu, in which are stored their data and the information declared in tudu during the registration process. The data and information entered during registration must be complete, true and updated. In case the Member wishes to change some of its information, it enters its Account and saves its new data/information.

With its registration, according to the above, the member gives his explicit consent to the collection and processing of its data and information on the basis of these General Terms and the Privacy Policy of tudu; it states that it has read these Terms and Policies, that it understands them and accepts them fully and unconditionally. The possibility to withdraw consent to the collection and processing of data which the Member has granted in accordance with the above is given at all times, either by deleting the Member Account, or by sending a relevant message to tudu in info@tudu.gr. The Member has at any time access to its data or can also request its immediate deletion or correction at any time (if the Member doesn’t do so by itself via its own Account); it can also demand the data’s temporary nonuse from tudu, the binding of the data or the non-transmission of it by sending a request to the email address info@tudu.gr. In any case the Member's data are maintained by tudu only as long as it remains a registered member of tudu, with the express reservation of the provisions of the present General Terms. The User data will not be communicated to any third party for any purpose other than the purpose that is clearly defined in these General Terms and Privacy Policy. If the Member wishes to delete the Account, it should send to tudu the relevant request in writing to the e-mail address info@tudu.gr. Tudu will take all the steps necessary to delete the Account of the Member as soon as possible and at the latest within 48 hours (due to technical issues).


2.4  The User Profile

Simultaneously with the registration of the User as a Member of the Online Booking Service, his/her profile on the platform is automatically created. On it the Member can see its list of appointments, the recent visits, the loyalty points as well as its favorite Companies. Information regarding the user and his inter-action with the service since the registration is stored in the User profile. The User can upload photos his/her Profile on his own responsibility.


2.5  Company profile

Upon completion of the registration of the Company and the Account creation, the ability to create a Profile is given to the Company, i.e. its own page inside the Platform that presents the company itself to the Users and the products/services provided by the Company. In particular, the Company can post information about the business, the beauty services provided, potential offers, opening hours, methods and means of payment, its partners, methods of providing its services etc., while evaluations and reviews from Users who have used the Company’s beauty services and a corresponding rating of the Company from them will also be visible in the profile of the business.




  1. Purpose

Tudu sets www.tudu.gr available to registered members as an electronic platform for posting, viewing and presenting services offered by the Companies for the purpose of booking services from registered users via any (mobile) telephone device, personal computer (PC) and generally any other electronic means.


  1. Conditions of use of the Online Booking Service

A prerequisite for the use of the Online Booking Service is the registration of the User and the Company as a Member at www.tudu.gr and the unconditional acceptance of these General Terms and the Privacy Policy.



  1. Procedure, Terms and Conditions of Booking

The User has the possibility to seek the service that interests him/her either by selecting it, either by adding additional search filters such as the area, available dates, cost, etc. The available services are presented to the User, who then has the opportunity to acquaint more information regarding the company that provides them. By clicking on it (the service) the User is directed towards the Company Profile where he can see more information regarding the Company. In any case, if he/she states the dates wishing to be provided services, he/she will be informed on the availability of the service that interests him/her.

In order to complete the reservation the User has already accepted the present General Terms and the Privacy Policy of tudu (during the stage of registration as a Member). It is reminded that if the User does not agree with them or wishes to raise objections, he/she is advised not to use the Service. The User selects the service that interests him/her from the Company of his/her choice and, after selecting the type of service and the day and time that he/she wants, proceeds to reservation. Before making the reservation, the User should indicate the number of his/her mobile phone in order for tudu to send him/her a reminder about his/her appointment with the Company. At the same time with the introduction of the number of the mobile phone number in the Platform, the tudu will send at the declared as mentioned above phone number a text message (sms) which will include a random code number (e.g. in PIN format), which the user will have to introduce in order to activate the statement of consent for the processing from tudu as defined herein that number.

When declaring the number of his/her mobile phone he/she consents to the processing of it by tudu, which involves sending the reminder regarding the service reservation which has been made and the potential transmission of advertisements from tudu, but also to passing it (the mobile number) to the Companies in which he/she booked for using their services through the Service, which will use it for the registration of the User in their clientele list and not for advertising or other purposes; tudu though doesn’t know, neither is bound nor does it accept the policy of each Company regarding the protection of personal data, the compliance to which depends exclusively on the Companies and the Users. If the User wishes to be informed about the purpose of the processing of his/her mobile phone number from the Company and the data protection policy followed by the Company, he/she should either visit any policy that may be posted on the profile of the Company Profile on the Platform, or to communicate with the Company in question. Tudu bears no responsibility for the protection of User data from the Companies and provides no such guarantee.

By submitting the online reservation, the User is bound by these General Terms including the booking conditions and is obliged to pay whether and if the service is provided to him/her by the Company. The reservation by the User for of the Service is free of charge; neither tudu nor the selected Company chooses charge the User for the booking of the Service, unless the User chooses the prepayment of the Service.

By making a reservation related with a service with a Company, the User accepts and agrees to the relevant cancellation and no-show policy, as well as with any additional conditions (of service/product providers) and conditions of the Company.

Once the reservation is made by the User in accordance with the above, tudu undertakes to send an automated notification to the Company, forwarding to it (the Company) the details of the reservation and the User data i.e. name, surname, service, date of booking and payment method with aim to bind the Company regarding the booked service. Tudu is not responsible for the accuracy of the information of the reservation, including the User data.

After the confirmation of the booking by the User as defined herein, tudu has no obligation towards either the Company or the User, since it solely operates as an intermediary between them.

By making a reservation online through the Service, a contractual relationship (legally binding) between the User and the Company is created. This legal relationship involves on the one hand the obligation of the Company to provide to the User the service at the time that it has been booked and the price appearing on the profile of the Company during the booking and on the other hand the obligation of the User to appear at the date and time of the booking and pay the cost of the service to the Company upon completion of provision of the service. Tudu, therefore, is not bound by the reservation and does not bear any responsibility regarding the provision of the services and the transactions between the Users and the Companies. In the extremely unlikely event of a problem with the reservation, the responsibility of tudu towards the User, if any, is limited to the cost of the service that has been booked. For the avoidance of doubts, the Company should regularly (recommended daily) check and verify in the reservation system of the management tool which is provided by tudu the list with the bookings.


  1. Cancellation - Modification Policy

The user can cancel the reservation according to the cancellation policy of each Company as agreed between the User and the Company Profile of the Company. Before the User proceeds to cancellation, the User is advised to check the policy of the relevant Company regarding cancellations. In particular, the following provisions shall apply with respect to the cancellation of a reservation:

4.1  Cancellation before the reservation date

To cancel a reservation, the User should log in on his/her profile and press the Cancel button for the service he/she wants to cancel. If the cancellation is made within the time frame specified by the Company on its Company Profile, the cancellation is considered valid and the Company is informed automatically via the tudu’s management tool for cancellations. If the cancellation is made after the cancellation time frame set by the cancellation policy of the Company, the cancellation is not considered valid. The Enterprise will be notified by tudu, but the user will be charged the void cancellation as “non-appearance/Non show”.

In order for the Company to cancel a reservation, it should log in on its profile and press the Cancel button for the customer that it wants to cancel. In this case tudu will send a relevant email to the User.


4.2  Cancel during the visit of the User in the Enterprise

In case the User, during his/her valid arrival at the Company, does not want the service that he/she has booked through the Online Booking Service of tudu, but wants another, or in case the Company cancels the service, the Company is obliged to inform tudu by phone or e-mail in order to make the necessary changes. If the Company does not inform tudu the latest till the date of invoice as defined herein, the service will be considered to have been provided by the Corporation to the User and, therefore, the former (Company) owes to tudu the agreed commission.


4.3  Non-show (without cancellation)

The non-appearance of the User on the agreed date results in the cancellation of the booking. It is expressly agreed that in case a User does not appear in 3 appointments confirmed by tudu that he/she has reserved through the Online Booking Service without having made a valid cancellation under the terms of this action, tudu will disable the User Account without any notice and without any further liability, since tudu’s main concern is the trust of the Members in the transactions between them and the maintenance of a Service of high level.


4.4  Modification of the reservation before the arrival

If the user wants to edit his/her booking in any way, he/she should take into account that:

a)      if the modification is made within the deadline specified in the Change Policy of the Company in question, which (the Change Policy) figures on the Company Profile, he/she should select "Change Booking", or

b)      if the modification is not made within the deadline specified in the Change Policy of the Company, then he/she cannot cancel, so if he/she does not appear in the appointment, it will still be “charged” to him/her as a non-show. In this case apply the relevant provisions of the present.


4.5  Withdrawal

Since the use of the Service does not produce any obligations arising from distance shopping (shopping by electronic means), there are no withdrawal rights or obligations between the Members and tudu either. In the exceptional case where the User wishes to cancel the reservation of a service which has been prepaid to tudu, he/she must follow the procedures of Article 4.4 as defined above. If the cancellation is made within the time limits mentioned in Article 4.4a it shall be considered valid; therefore tudu will return the money that the User has paid into a bank account the User will provide to tudu for this purpose.


  1. Company Ranking

Tudu doesn’t favor, approve or orientate the Companies and/or the services provided by them, the characteristics, the owners, the prices or the policies adopted by them. Tudu is not and should not be considered as means of recommendation or endorsement (concerning the price, the quality of service or the rating of) any Company and/or Service available in the Platform. The photos available and the texts accompanying the Companies and the Services provided by them solely intend to describe them and shouldn’t be considered in any way as a suggestion by tudu.

The order in which the Companies and the services provided by them appear in the Platform is determined automatically and unilaterally by tudu. Specifically, the display order is based and influenced solely by the scores and reviews of the Users and the Companies are then displayed in alphabetical order. However, in the event that the User has activated geographic filters in the search of a Company or a service, the Platform identifies the region through Google and displays the nearest Companies/services, or based on the price, etc. Tudu reserves its right to unilaterally alter the way the Companies and/or the services are displayed, and informs the Members with a related post on the website, as defined in these General Terms regarding the modification.


  1. Evaluation– Rating

Following the provision by the Company of the services which the User has booked through the Service, tudu sends to him/her (the User) an e-mail message asking him/her to rate the Company the next day at 09:00 am. The evaluation by the User is not obligatory though. The evaluation is carried out by filling out a relevant form. The completed form with the customers’ feedback can (a) be posted on the profile of the Company exclusively for informing (future) customers of your opinion of the level and quality of the service provided by the Company, (b) be used and placed (fully or partially) by tudu for marketing purposes, promotion or improvement of the services, on the website, on social media, in the newsletter, in special promotions, apps or other networks owned, hosted, used or controlled by tudu. The customer feedback form will show the name and the first letter of the surname of the User, without displaying any other information or data about him/her. If the User uploads a photo on his/her profile, it will automatically appear as display picture of the User who posts his comments and evaluates the Company.

The User must however be objective during the evaluation/rating process of the Companies and provide truthful information and no personal attacks. The unlawful interference on a Company Profile as well as the submission of misleading and/or comparative evaluations, or the manipulation of the system to accommodate interests are prohibited. If tudu becomes aware of any such unacceptable action it is entitled but not obliged, to unilaterally delete a review.

Tudu reserves the right to adjust, refuse or delete comments, in its sole discretion if these comments are abusive, obscene or vulgar, beyond the rules of good conduct and morality and not sufficiently documented. Tudu reserves the right to delete reviews which contain no written comment. The customer feedback form should be considered a research, and contains no (further commercial) offers, invitations, incentives etc.

The Members recognize that tudu is the distributor (without any obligation to confirm) and not the publisher of these comments. Tudu will make every effort to monitor and review the comments of the Users in relation to the breach of ethics or the reference to a specific person by its name. Tudu will not participate in any discussion, negotiation or correspondence with the Companies in relation to the comments of Users (regarding the content or the consequences of the publication or the distribution thereof) and in no way does it take a stand or throws any procedures for the settling of any dispute or disagreement that may arise between the User and the Company on that ground. Tudu‘s obligation is exhausted in not posting comments that are contrary to the rules of ethics and good faith. Tudu doesn’t have and disclaims all responsibility and liability concerning the content and the consequences of (the publication or distribution of) any comments or feedback about anything and in any way.

User reviews displayed on the website are the personal opinions of people who have visited the Companies and enjoyed the services and in no case do they constitute a guarantee, incitement, approval or confirmation from tudu.

The Company has the right to respond to the evaluation. Also, if the Company does not like a comment, it may refer it to tudu from its management system and tudu reserves the right to delete it if it considers, in its sole discretion, that this comment is offensive, abusive, vulgar, immoral or false, and/or biased etc.


  1. Prices

The prices of services listed in the Platform concern the total price that the User will be charged per service, including VAT and all other taxes (subject to potential change of such taxes). Sometimes lower prices for specific services appear, which are though defined by the Companies and may be accompanied by restrictions and conditions, having to do, for example, with the cancellation, the duration, the manner, the location of their provision, etc. The user is advised to carefully check the information related to the services and the prices for such potential conditions before making the reservation.


  1. Offers

The Companies, on their own responsibility, may post special offers for their services on the Platform. The old and the new price will be displayed for the corresponding services. The Companies must follow the applicable legislation on offers and discounts. The User can be informed about promotions either by clicking to the corresponding field on the homepage, or by browsing the Companies’ Profiles. The ranking of the special deals appears according to the evaluation-rating of the Companies that offer them and, on a second level, by alphabetical classification of the name of the Company. Promotions, same as prices, ​​relate to the total amount of money that will be paid by Users who will book the corresponding services and are binding for the Company.


  1. Gift-checks

Tudu allows the purchase of gift-checks. The User who wishes to purchase a gift-check, can buy a voucher of the desired amount. The gift-check can be cashed in in any Company and for any service within three (3) months from the date of purchase.




  1. Generally

Tudu’s activity is limited to the facilitation of reservations for the provision of services from the Companies to the Users. Tudu neither owns/manages any Company and doesn’t itself provide any services, nor does it provide any guarantees about the quality of the services that the Companies will provide to Users during their visit to them (companies). Samely, tudu doesn’t provide any guarantees about the valid appearance of the Users in the Companies at the date and time declared in their reservation, their morals and their conduct, nor for the full and complete payment of the Company by the User.


  1. Rights - Obligations of tudu


2.1  Permanent deletion of Member Account

In addition to the cases mentioned in these General Terms regarding the deletion of a Member Account, tudu expressly reserves for itself the right to delete the Member Account in the following cases: a) In case the Company is in receivership or has applied for inclusion in bankruptcy or liquidation. b) In case the Member, in tudu‘s sole discretion, violates the Policy of Accepted Use of the Service, and/or violates any term or condition stated in these General Terms and/or has committed, according to tudu, a criminal or other offense during the use of the Service and/or causes immediate danger-loss to tudu and/or any Member, and/or for any other valid reason not listed herein.

In the abovementioned cases the account deletion comes directly and automatically, without tudu giving to the Member the right to remedy the violation, while tudu expressly reserves all legal rights including the right for restoration of any damage it has suffered from acts and/or omissions of its Members in accordance with the above.


2.2  Temporary deactivation of the service

In addition to the cases mentioned in these General Conditions regarding the deletion of a Member Account, tudu expressly reserves for itself the right to temporarily disable, in its sole discretion, the Member Account immediately and without loss, if it deems that the User has violated any term of the present, or has overdue debts towards tudu until the User lifts the breach in the deadline that tudu, in its sole discretion, has set. In case of non-compliance, tudu may permanently disable the account of the Member, and explicitly reserves for itself all legal rights including the right for restoration of any damage that it has suffered from the acts and/or omissions of the User in accordance with the above.

It is expressly agreed that the Member cannot, for the cases of the Articles IV.2.1 and IV.2.2, claim the rehabilitation of any damage caused by the deactivation of the Service in accordance with the abovementioned provisions, even if the information on which tudu has been based to delete the account was incorrect, since it recognizes and accepts that the automated tools used by tudu for identifying any illegal or unconventional activities of the Members are based either on general standardized/automated commands of a software program which may include and/or to make mistakes, or on complaints from other Members.

It is understood that the Member who has been deleted from the Service is prohibited to join the Service again with the same or other identifiers, unless tudu expressly consents to such thing. To this end the Member agrees that tudu keeps the personal information in its system in order to be able to identify any of the subsequent recording attempt.

Any Member's debts to the Company immediately become due and payable. Any Member ratings submitted and received will continue to appear even after the loss of the membership.


2.3  Interruption of Service

Tudu reserves the right to interrupt for technical reasons, maintenance and/or upgrade of the Platform and/or Service, the operation of the Service temporarily and at regular intervals. If the interruption lasts more than a reasonable time according to the sole discretion of tudu, or has already been determined by the same scheduled interruption, tudu will inform the Members with relevant posts at the website. It is expressly agreed that members cannot raise claims against tudu for any damage they may suffer because of the interruption, even if tudu, according to its absolute discretion, does not notify about the interruption.

In addition to the provisions herein, tudu may, at any time, terminate, modify, suspend or interrupt any specific features of the Service, including the availability of the Service itself, with or without prior notice.


2.4  Information Supply

Tudu is required to transmit the data of Users and/or Companies, if it is requested by the competent prosecuting, supervisory, judicial or other authority, including all personal data provided to tudu in accordance with the present, the credit cards’ data and any other information provided, without prior notice or consent of these persons, for the necessary protection against risks to state and public security and for the prosecution of crimes, including tax crimes and offenses.


  1. Restriction of guarantees – liabilities

Tudu always acts in good faith and in the context of what is defined by the law and the present General Terms. Therefore it has taken and continues with no interruption to undertake all the necessary technical or other measures and makes every effort in order for (a) the Service to operate continuously and properly without any problems, interruptions, delays, errors or mistakes, and (b) the technology used by the Service or the servers through which the Service is made available to Users and Companies not to contain viruses or other harmful components. However, tudu DOES NOT PROVIDE WARRANTIES regarding all the above.

Moreover, tudu provides no guarantee about (a) the suitability, effectiveness, efficiency of the Agency regarding the purpose for which the User or the Company uses it, (b) the proper and adequate execution of the transactional obligations of the Users and the Companies towards each other in relation to the provision of services from the latter to the former and the obligations arising from these services, (c) the suitability of the services for the use that the individual user has in mind.

The Service is provided ‘as it is, and as it is available’, in a fully automated manner, and does not include the introduction from the part of tudu of any components in the Service System or configurations on an ad hoc basis. The Service may be configured in the future at the sole discretion of tudu.

Tudu takes all necessary technical and other measures to ensure that Users and Companies comply with the present terms and the applicable legislation, though, as a Provider of Information Society Services, it has no comprehensive and legal obligation to (a) monitor the information which is supplied, (b) actively seek facts or circumstances indicating that a Member has made unlawful or unconventional activities while using the Service and/or in the provision of services, (c) actively seek the authorization given by the User to the Authorized User, or the legalization of Authorized Users regarding their acts and/or omissions when using the Service on behalf of and in the name of the User or the Company that has authorized them, (d) monitor the compliance of the Users and Companies during the transaction and the delivery between them, monitor tax legislation, legislation concerning the protection of personal data, consumer protection or other applicable laws and rules.


  1. Limitation of Responsibility

Additionally to what is expressly provided herein, tudu bears no civil, criminal, or other responsibility towards the User, the Authorized Users, the Companies, their Partners and/or any third party having rights that come from them, if any party of the abovementioned, is harmed by using the Service, directly, indirectly, consequentially, incidentally, regarding his profits, his Company, his income, his reputation, his product sales decline and the frequency of provision of his services, or suffers any other damage, direct, indirect or consequential, of economic or other nature, loss of profits, due to: (a) Delayed or inadequate sending, transmission, storing, downloading of any information or Content, and/or loss or destruction of these due to errors, omissions, technical bugs or errors, defects or malfunctions of telecommunication networks, Internet, the website or the Internet Service Providers. (b) Any permanent or temporary deactivation of the Service, shutdown of the totality of the Service or of individual functions, deletion of Member Account or technical jamming of the Service as defined herein. (c) Events, conditions, actions, acts and/or omissions of tudu or third parties including Members for which tudu provides no warranties and bears no liability as defined herein. (d) Use by the Companies or third parties of User data (including any personal data) for purposes other than the use of the Service and the provision of services. (e) Violation of applicable tax or other laws significantly related to the use of the Service. (f) Any discrepancy between the Service Time System and the time that has been formally established. (g) force majeure events.

In addition to the above it is expressly agreed that: Users and Companies Enterprise agree on autonomous contracts between them for the provision of the services, on their own responsibility. The relevant contracts that may be based on these General Terms are binding solely to those who bear the sole responsibility for the execution of the contracts. Tudu doesn’t participate by any means as a contracting party to these conventions, nor does it acquire rights or obligations that derive from them. Tudu and its Partners and/or Affiliates, are not responsible in any way for the risks associated with the conclusion, the execution and the completion of the above mentioned contracts between Users and the Companies and are not responsible in any way for any damages arising from the transactions between them.

By providing the Service tudu is not rendered as service provider and therefore bears no responsibility and obligation to safeguard and enforce Members' obligations, other than those expressly reserved herein.

Any complaints or requirements related to the products or services offered or provided by the Companies, or the special requests of the Users should be managed by the Companies, without mediation or interference from tudu. Tudu bears no responsibility and disclaims all responsibility regarding the requirements of the Users during their visit to the Company. Tudu may at its discretion offer customer support service to a User or act as an intermediary.

In any case it is expressly agreed that tudu is liable only for direct losses stemming from willful misconduct or gross negligence on its part. Subject to mandatory law, tudu’s liability is expressly excluded for direct damage due to slight negligence irrespective of the legal ground. Tudu‘s responsibility is also excluded fully and explicitly for incidental or consequential damage deriving from whatever reason.


However, to the extent permitted by the law, neither tudu nor any of its employees, directors, representatives, affiliated companies, distributors, online partners, licensees, agents or others involved in creating, sponsoring , promoting or providing the Service in any other way,  is responsible for (i) any criminal, special, indirect or consequential loss or damage, any loss of production, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of contract, loss or damage to goodwill or reputation, compensation loss, (ii) any ambiguity about the information (description) of the Company (including price, availability and evaluation) provided by the platform, (iii) services or products offered by the Companies (iv) any (direct, indirect, consequential or punitive) damages, losses or charges which the User suffered, paid or caused, according to, following or in connection with the inability to use or the delay in the use of the website or (v) for any (personal) injury, death, personal property damage, or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punishable) damages, losses or charges which the User suffered, paid or caused, or due to (legal) acts, errors, breaches.

The existence of the Companies is confirmed by tudu, which shall take all appropriate measures to verify the existence and operation of these, but tudu bears no responsibility whether the Company operates at the time of the booking or of the visit of the User at the Company in accordance with the reservation details.

Tudu is not obliged to verify the services, promotions, evaluations and any other information posted and published on the Platform. Without being limited to these, tudu is not responsible neither for the formulation of the offers, nor the quality and safety of the services.

Although tudu makes every effort to verify the information provided in the Platform, it can neither confirm nor guarantee that all information is accurate, complete or correct, nor can it be held responsible for any errors (including obvious and typographical errors), for interferences due to (temporary and/or partial) breakdown, repair works, upgrades or maintenance of the website or from any other cause), or for inaccurate, misleading or untrue information or non-delivery of information.




  1. General Provisions

Members are obliged to keep secret their password to the Service and not to disclose it to any third party without the relevant authorization to use the Service on their behalf. If the Member considers that the password has been stolen or revealed to a third party without permission, the Member must change it, and otherwise it is solely responsible for the acts or omissions of its account on the Platform.

Members must respect the intellectual property rights of third parties, their personal data and their personality and not to infringe them by posting comments, information and generally by their acts and/or omissions on the Service.

It is expressly agreed that the Members are solely responsible for the legality and correctness of the information and data accorded to tudu during the registration process or the use of the Service. Members explicitly and unconditionally guarantee that:

  • They have read and fully understood the present General Terms, the Privacy Policy, the Policy of Accepted Use and any other policies (e.g. of the Company where the Member makes a booking) and accepts them fully and unconditionally.
  • If a third party acting in their name and on their behalf (authorized User) they certify that it has received all the permits necessary for the provision of the Member's data, records and information relating to it, including consents in accordance with applicable legislation about the protection of the personal data of the subject that grants authorization.
  • At their own risk and expenses they will take immediately all necessary measures and will in any case fully compensate tudu for any claim, loss, damage, costs, liabilities, expenses, responsibilities, variations, penalties, fines, legal fees that these persons might suffer as a result of (a) any breach on their part of the General Terms, their declarations and their guarantees under the present, the copyright or other tudu‘s rights (b) any other act or omission during the use of the Online Reservation Service and/or other services that is illegal.
  • They will respect the Policy of Accepted Use of the Service.

Members confirm that they are of legal age to use the Service and to create binding legal obligations for any liability that may arise as a result of that use.

Members acknowledge and expressly agree and accept that the use of the Service is exclusively their own responsibility and any act/omission binds the Member itself exclusively and that the Service is available only for personal and non-commercial use. Any action and/or omission of the Authorized User related to the Service receives their approval and acceptance and therefore binds the Members and produces rights and obligations for them.


  1. Members’ Specific Obligations

Each Company remains responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information (including pricing and availability) displayed on its profile on the Platform.

Companies make clear and commit that the Information will in all circumstances be true, accurate and not misleading and that they are in any case responsible for the correct and updated list of Information. Every Company is obliged to accept the User as a contractual party and to handle the online reservation in accordance with the information contained in the Platform at the moment of the reservation, including any supplementary Information and/or wishes communicated by the User. The Companies’ Information constitute the legal call to Users to adhere in a Convention and thus grant to the Company the rights and obligations arising from it.

Companies should provide the services for which a reservation has been made and if a Company is unable to meet its obligations in accordance to the present for any reason, the concerned Company must immediately inform the User.

Apart from extra fees for the usage of other services by the User from the Companies or additional expenses that occur during the visit of the User, the Company will not make other charges (e.g. management/handling costs, credit card, etc.) beyond those set out in the booking confirmation sent by tudu to him (the User). The Companies have to provide services for which they are licensed or have taken all legal measures for their safe and orderly supply. The display on the platform of services that violate legal provisions or principles of morality is forbidden.

Companies have the obligation to give true and legitimate information about their services and to inform fully and clearly regarding the type, manner, time and place of their delivery.

Texts and images displayed on their Profile should not affect the price, personality, reputation, data or intellectual property rights of others and must not contain false, vulgar, slanderous, or offensive information that mislead users or offend others.

The posting of a service and its corresponding price, constitute a binding offer for immediate delivery to whoever User makes a reservation through the Platform. The Companies are responsible for the totality of the content they publish, for the proper and lawful description of their services, and for the supply conditions. Tudu in no way endorses or accepts them.

With the opening of the Account, the Company has the right to access and use the management tool of tudu, which enables the Company to manage clients, appointments (update, cancellation, confirmation), the beauty services provided (addition, suspension, posting an offer), its Profile (e.g. add/remove photos), reviews, etc. The use of the management tool of tudu should be in accordance with the Policy of Accepted Use.




  1. Blog

It is clarified that the content posted on tudu.gr Blog is entertaining rather than informative, and therefore the users cannot base any behavior to the information contained in it.

Tudu, without guaranteeing and therefore without being responsible, is making the maximum effort to ensure that the information and the totality of content of the site's Blog is governed by maximum accuracy, clarity, completeness and availability. Despite the efforts, the presence of some inaccuracies is possible. Tudu, its partners, authors, employees and suppliers cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness, validity, correctness, or timeliness of the Blog content, texts, graphics, hyperlinks, or communications provided by or by means of the Blog.

The use of the information/proposals included in the Blog is made entirely on the visitors’/User's responsibility, who accept that the information is offered as it is WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.

Tudu reserves the right to discontinue all or part of the Blog, without notice and at its sole discretion.

Tudu does not take upon any responsibility in the event of any of the Blog's information prove inaccurate. In particular, tudu is not responsible for any loss or damage of the Users and visitors of the website and/or its contents. In any case though, it will make every effort for the accuracy of the information included in the Blog that will come from tudu. Tudu doesn’t however take any responsibility for the information, news and data incorporated in the website from third parties.

The content and information included in the tudu.gr Blog constitute an offer to the visitors/users and generally to the community of Internet users and are not provided in any way as encouragement for the enterprise or not of specific operations. Tudu undertakes the collection, processing and distribution of its content, without though in any case guaranteeing the integrity, completeness, adequacy and generally the appropriateness and the absence of any errors, not least because of its large volume, as well as the participation of third parties (natural or legal persons) in its primary production and collection.

In no case can it be considered that tudu accepts or endorses in any way the personal ideas or perceptions expressed in these spaces. Visitors/Users of the relevant services retain copyright to the views expressed. If tudu receives notification that the content of some messages that Users post affects third parties, it reserves the right to immediately delete the message and/or the User account that created it.


  1. Subscribe to Newsletters

Your subscription to the newsletter of our Company is upon your free will and is not a mandatory procedure for the use of the website services, including simple browsing on the website.

Subscription to tudu’s newsletter service is completed with the introduction of the electronic mail address (email) in the corresponding field, or on the registration form, or on the home page. If the subscription to the newsletter service is made via the Registration Form, this (registration) is completed with the completion of the Membership as defined herein. If the application for subscription to the newsletter service is carried out by direct entry into the appropriate field of the page, tudu will send an e-mail to the declared email address, which will ask for confirmation of the subscription. With the confirmation of the subscription in accordance with the above, the registration to the newsletter service is completed. Upon completion of the subscription, the Member that subscribed to the corresponding service gives his explicit consent for informative and promotional materials for products and services and related advertising to be sent to him/her by tudu.

Tudu is not responsible if the newsletters are not delivered to their destination, but strive with their ISP's (Internet Service Providers) for their delivery. The newsletter may end up in the spam folder, so Members registered to that service should check regularly that they are not stored there. If the member that subscribed to the newsletter service does not wish to receive any informative newsletters anymore or wants its deletion from the whole tudu’s system for sending news, it may inform tudu by sending a relevant message to info@tudu.gr or through the corresponding link that appears in the informational emails received. Tudu uses a provider (3rd company party) for the recognition (tracking) of the recipients of the newsletters. It doesn’t hand to third parties information on name, surname, home address or other personal data.


  1. Advertisements

Tudu reserves the right to be advertised online on various websites of its choice and to use affiliates or third-party advertising companies, as appropriate. When displaying these advertisements cookies are used, but no data that could identify visitors/users personally are used. For more on tudu‘s Policy of cookies, read Cookies Policy.

Tudu reserves the right to display advertisements from third parties through the Website. Ads can contain external links to third party websites. It is the responsibility of advertisers to ensure that their ads and their content is legitimate, does not infringe rights of third parties, is not offensive, false, fraudulent or misleading. It is forbidden to post on the Website advertisements of abusive content or topic, threatening, pornographic, nude, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling and betting, weapons, explosives, viruses or other inappropriate programs, pyramid schemes, illegal activities, or any other content that tudu, in its sole discretion, judges inappropriate. All ads must be appropriate for the community of the Website and respect the rights of third parties, either natural or legal persons. No advertisement may imply that it has the support, approval or that it is performed in cooperation with tudu or the Website. Tudu may at any time reject any advertisement for any reason it deems appropriate, even after publication.


  1. External Links

The Website and its individual pages may contain links to websites maintained by third parties whose information and privacy practices are different from those of tudu. Tudu is not responsible for the information or data protection practices used in third party websites. It is advised, before the use of other websites, to read and understand their terms of use and privacy policy. Tudu does not control the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of other web services in which tudu.gr refers through links, hyperlinks or advertising banners. Tudu should in no way be deemed to embrace or accept the content or services of websites and pages that it refers to or is linked to them in any other way.


  1. Social Media

Guests and members may follow tudu via its pages on Facebook, g+, linkedin, instagram, twitter (Social Media) to follow news, comment and participate in the special promotional actions. Any products or services offered by tudu through Social Media and all information disclosed, submitted or offered by it through its accounts on the Social Media, will be subject to these General Terms, unless otherwise agreed.



Tudu is the creator and rightful owner and administrator of the Platform, the Online Booking Service and other services of the Platform in accordance with the present including the management tool the license of which is granted by tudu to Companies by completing the registration. Tudu hereby grants to the User and the Company the rights of access and use of the Online Booking Service and the other services in accordance with these present Terms. Tudu owns and retains possession and ownership of all rights and titles related to (a) the Platform and its services, functions and features (including without limitation: the software, programs, philosophy, methodology and technique with which they have been designed, the model of algorithms, information and materials, expertise with the Service and the Software, including any configurations, modifications of its Service and its software, as well as derived functions, (b) the management tool for the Companies, (c) the trade name tudu, the commercial tudu brand and the website tudu.gr and its derivatives, compounds, homonymous or similar words (d) any other logos, trademarks and distinctive titles, trade secrets, patents and all other intellectual property rights with respect to the Platform, the Service and the functions which become known to the User/Company via the Service.

All the content on the website, such as texts, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio clips, and the software (“Content”) are owned by tudu except Company Information tab which belongs to the respective Company’s property, with the exception of the evaluation reviews. Intellectual property rights that are inherent to the set up (i.e. the presentation, selection, collection, arrangement and assembly) of all the content on the website is the exclusive property of tudu who administrates and operates it. The software, available in the Platform, is copyrighted. Any use of the content and/or software that is not in accordance with the present General Terms, as well as the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, display or execution of the website's content is prohibited, unless explicitly stated that it is permitted.

The restrictions to the Permission to access and use the Service are mentioned in the Policy of accepted use of the Service. The User grants to tudu the right to use at any time for its own commercial reasons aggregate statistical data elements, data and information of the User acquired from his use of the Service, without the prior written consent of the User. The User and respectively the Company retain all rights, titles and interests connected with their data and with his/her registration in the Service he/she accords to tudu the permission to use their data for the purpose of the provision of the Service, as described herein.




In addition to those expressly mentioned in these General Terms, regarding the nature of the personal data of members collected by tudu, the purpose of collecting and processing it, the recipients of the data and the purpose for which data may be transmitted to them, but also about defending Users’ rights with respect to their data, visit the data Privacy Policy.





  1. Final Terms

These General Terms constitute the final and unique conditions in force with respect to the provision of the Service by the Company to the User and remove any previously applied conditions, previous agreements and arrangements, written and oral between the Company and the User regarding the use of the Service.


  1. Resignation

Any delay, neglecting or forbearance of the Company to enforce the User’s compliance with any term of these Terms does not constitute a waiver, nor does it damage any of its rights that derive from the present Terms. If any term herein may be deemed by any competent court or authority to be invalid and thus unenforceable, this term will not affect the validity of the remaining terms hereof, which shall remain in full force.


  1. Invalidity of Terms

In case any part of the present is declared or designated by a court decision as invalid, the invalidity will not affect the validity of the remaining part of the document, which will remain strong as if these General Terms have been executed with the invalid part being deleted. The Company will seek to replace each invalid condition with a new valid term, the outcome of which will be proximate to the equivalent of the provision canceled.


  1. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction

Any dispute between the parties relating to the application, interpretation, nullity terms of the contract, the existence or absence of rights and obligations of the parties to a contract or tort, is interpreted in accordance with Greek law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the appropriate courts of the city of Zakynthos, in whose jurisdiction the parties submitted themselves today voluntarily.



  1. Members and their Authorized Users must use the Service in accordance with the General Terms, and applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with good faith and morality.


  1. It is forbidden to the abovementioned persons:


2.1  Any use of the Service for purposes other than the Online Reservation of services.

2.2  Any access or attempt to access information and data (including personal data) circulating through the Service for which they have no authority or power to use.

2.3  Access to the Service in order to create or produce a product or service that competes with the Service and the Service Software.

2.4  Use of the Service in order to provide services to third parties other than those authorized in the General Terms.

2.5  The sale, lease, attribution, transfer, assignment, concession of use, the presentation, transmission and overall commercial exploitation of the License to access and use the Service and the rights granted to them under the License in accordance with the General Terms.

2.6  The facilitation, in any way and by any means, of third parties to gain access to the Service and any data (including personal data) and information.

2.7  The transmission and transfer of viruses, the sending and transmission of documents and Information that are unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, dangerous for the security of the Service, and for the fame and reputation of tudu, its Partners and Affiliates and other Members of the Service.

2.8  The posting of messages, Information, Documents and other data and the supply of any data (including personal data) and information that may contain abusive, threatening, defamatory and generally illegal content.

2.9  Any action that is or is deemed detrimental to the interests of tudu, its Partners and/or its Affiliates and other Members of the Service, or that may prevent any third party to use the Service.

2.10          The sale, transfer, lease, transmission, processing of any data acquired by using the Service, to any third party for any purpose.

2.11          Posting or transmitting any content that is not proper, is illegal, abusive, harmful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, profane, and in any way contrary to morality, that violate the privacy of another, that is confidential , that shows empathy, may cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to others, that is racial, religious, ethnic and in any other way discriminatory, that may cause harm to minors in any way, that infringes copyright or other proprietary rights of others, that is used to collect or store personal data, promotes alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling and betting, weapons, explosives, that promotes pyramid schemes, illegal activities or violates in any way the law or the Terms of Use, that is advertising, that constitutes or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense which would entail liability or circumventing the law or violate the rights of any third party in any country in the world, that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, the obstruction of any operation or the destruction of any software, equipment or hardware, or that is deemed inappropriate at the discretion of tudu.

2.12          Any form of software piracy, hacking and/or theft of data (including personal data) and information.

2.13          The introduction into the Service, the sending and transmission of information or software which may contain viruses or other damaging characteristics that can either cause malfunction of the Service, or cause exorbitant data traffic to the Service and thus hinder its use by other Users.

2.14          The use of the Service in any way which, regardless of feasibility (intent or negligence), might cause malfunction of the Service.

2.15          The concession of license, resell, lease, assignment, subcontracting and the provision in any way of the Service to third parties for any use and purpose with the exception of explicitly permitted uses mentioned herein.

2.16          The decompilation, copy, alteration, distribution, presentation, of the software included in the Service or part of it and/or any way of editing the source code.

2.17          The connection of the Service with any product/ Service of the Members without the express written consent of tudu.

2.18          Any action that may affect the ability of other Members to make use of the Service, or to circumvent the rights of other Members, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, personal data, etc.

2.19          The use of mechanisms, software or other actions that impede the normal operation of the Service.

2.20          Any copy, analog/digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transmission, downloading, processing, resale, creation of derivative work of the Service and the components of which are described herein.


  1. If the Member has doubts whether an action or omission constitutes a violation of this Policy of Accepted Uses and/or if he/she wishes to report on tudu any breach of this Policy that he/she has become aware of, can communicate with the tudu at info@tudu.gr.


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