Be the Captain

Take your friends out to the big sea Captain and explore the hidden beauty of the island. 

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One of the easiest yet coolest ways to see this part of the island. The calm, crystal clear waters of Laganas Bay make it a great experience for everyone. Family, friends or your loved one, will all be excited. Tip: Take some drinks and snacks with you, sea exploration is said to cause thirst and hunger.

Before: Meet with the stuff and get your instructions and some tips for the Park and your boat. 

Get everyone ready, take your cooler and on board you go.

Don't forget anything or anyone, they won't be happy about it.

The Experience: Now that you're on board and all check, it's time you start the engine and take this baby outside the harbor. 

Where are you going first, Marathonisi island, the caves or maybe a secret beach? It doesn't matter, you have plenty of time to see it all.

Just keep cruising around, stop for a dive now and then to cool the heat off and who knows, maybe you're lucky and see a turtle. I hope you remembered your cameras!

Aftermath: You made it Captain, you just had one day full of Sun, Sea, and loved ones on a boat, how great was that?

What do you mean you're hungry?

Aye Aye Captain, to food we go.

1490711269_Hourglass.png 2½ - 3 Hours
004-time_1.png May - October
003-people_1.png Group (2-5) or Private
002-cogwheel_1.png Gear included
001-transport_1.png Upon request
Difficulty: 4/5

Big Blue Motorboat Rentals

Having the largest fleet of Ranieri and Olympic luxury motorboats for you to choose from, we give you the ability to become the Captain of your group and sail in the crystal clear blue waters of the national marine park of Zakynthos. No boat qualification liscence needed. No hidden extras.


Keri beach, on the main road
29100 Zakynthos
+30 26950 11111

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Be the Captain

Be the Captain