Kite surf full lesson

Learn how tame the winds and fly a kite. Go from zero to the sea in six hours.

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Meet with your instructor and have a coffee

Talk about kite surfing and get into the sports mentality

You are good to go

The experience:

Learn the basic theory about gear and safety rules

Get the handle of flying a small educational kite

Things are getting serious: time for the big kite

Body dragging, beach start - water start. Try to get on board

This is it, you are now surfing the waves

Improve your skills until the end of the lesson


Chill out at the beach, take a breath, your adrenaline level is still high

Recap the experience and get feedback by your instructor

You want to do it again, another day, now you are happy and hungry, we know!

6 Hours
May - October
Gear included
Difficulty: 3/5

Kitesurf in Athens

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding offers an explosive blend of fun, exercise and contact with the nature in combination with the ultimate feeling of freedom. This is why it is considered as one of the fastest growing watersports all over the world.

On the beaches of Attica we consider ourselves to be very lucky because we have the opportunity to fly our kites almost all year long.

We would thus like to invite you to get to know us and get a taste of our favorite sport…and why not even give it a try?

We are athletes and experienced instructors actively involved in the field for the last seven years and our wish is to pass on our love for this sport.

Just a little warning for you… beware because our passion for kiteboarding has proven to be contagious!!!


1 Electra Apostolou & Macedonia Str.

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Kite surf full lesson

Kite surf full lesson