Locomondo at Barrage CLUB | 19 07 17

Το καλοκαίρι έφτασε και οι Locomondo μας δίνουν ραντεβού την Tετάρτη 19 Ιουλίου για το απόλυτο summer party! 

Οι πιο διασκεδαστικοί, οι πιο τρελοί και κεφάτοι μουσικοί τύποι θα μας παρασύρουν με τον ξεσηκωτικό ρυθμό και τα τραγούδια τους σε έναν ξέφρενο χορό στον υπέροχο κήπο του Barrage Club Zakynthos έχοντας πια συμπληρώσει τις 700ες συναυλίες! 

Το group που έβαλε τον reggae, ska και latin ρυθμό στη ζωή μας ξεκινά την καλοκαιρινή περιοδεία και ηχογραφεί δύο καινούργια τραγούδια. Πρόκειται για το 80’s, ένα τραγούδι “αναφορά” στην δεκαετία του ’80 και το La mulata Hermosa ένα ισπανόφωνο τραγούδι σε μουσική και στίχους Μάρκου Κούμαρη και την συμμετοχή έκπληξη του Tonino Carotone! 

Barrage club - κήπος 
doors open : 21.00
έναρξη : 22.00

Barrage Club

Barrage Club World Famous Dance Stage has been nominated as the #9 Dance Club in the World by British music magazine "MUZIK". It is the creation of Babis Mouzakis, a Zakynthian who had previously lived in Exarchia, Athens, where he kept a well-known bar, called "Iris". Specifically, Barrage Club came into existence on the 17th of July in 1991. A date we will never forget. A date when the whole nightlife was changed. A date when house music was established in Zakynthos island.

Barrage Club has hosted so many famous DJs from all over the world. Here are only some of them (in alphabetical order): Alan Russell, Anane Vega, Angel Moraes, Benji Calendario, Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, David Morales, Dennis Ferrer, Djeff Afrozila, DJ Gregory, DJ Yellow, Frank Roger, Joe Claussell, Jojo Flores, Joy Negro, Kevin Yost, Joyce Mercedes, Louie Vega, Osunlade, Philip Mison, Quentin Harris, Sandy Rivera, Sharam Jay, Rocco & Timmy Regisford. So, Barrage Club has raised some original clubbers. People who love quality music. People who do know how to party.

The location of Barrage Club carries long history. The Club's building was the spot were the members of Filiki Eteria were hiding.

Barrage Club maintains three stages:
1) the Club. It consists of three bars & a dj booth, located upon the thrilling dance floor.
2) the Garden. It consists of a big wooden bar & a smaller one made of stone. It has bridges and corridors that lead to the numerous salons and also to the VIP ones. It has a big well and beautifull flora including trees and colorful flowers, such as sunflowers. Moreover, in the Garden you can find four historical statues, the most famous of whom is Aphrodite, which is also the trademark of Barrage Club.
3) the Underground Club. It consists of three small rooms & a bar. It looks like a stone cell, with small windows, ready to host underground house and techno music.

It it important to say that this year (2015) Barrage Club got fully renovated. The Garden is ideal to taste its refreshing cocktails before you enter into the dance floor, which rocks out with its revived sound system.

Last but not least, Barrage Club has maintained its unique vibe & identity through the years, which can be confirmed by every Dj & clubber that has ever attended.



Argassi Road
22910 Zakynthos

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Locomondo at Barrage CLUB | 19 07 17

Locomondo at Barrage CLUB | 19 07 17